How do you manage your network services?

Still this way?
Or this way?
You know this?
Oh my god!


What is the intrinsic value of Monzai?

Conveniance and universality! Try the live-demo, have a look at the screenshots or try our Evaluation Version and you'll make exactly that experience!

What is Monzai?

Monzai is a dynamically and highly configurable web-frontend for all other web-frontends. It runs as a frontend which you have to install on a server. For the future Monzai will be your central management-station.

Every major hardware-, software- and server producer (no matter if commercial or open-source), has a build-in web-frontend for configuration and administration of his product via an ordinary browser. Monzai goes one step further and collects all of your web-frontends into one centralized frontend. You don't have to open a lot of shells and browser windows to get to your frontends anymore. You also don't have to remember all of your IP's, accounts and passwords to the webmin-, samba-, phpmyadmin-, router-frontends etc. anymore.

With Monzai you open only one frontend and all other frontends are reachable within Monzai!

Who can use Monzai?

Anybody! Although Monzai's target groups are webmasters, administrators and it-professionals.

Is there a comparable product available?

Absolutely none!

Where can I get Monzai?

Only at our website by using the secure transaction systems of PayPal and Moneybookers.

Legal Notice:

Pleace notice that there is no need for an "opt-out" or for a request to be removed from our mailing-list, since we won't contact you again unless it's to inform you of a security problem, or if you have explicitly requested that we notify you of a new release.